Saturday, September 10, 2011

Jane Seymour Signature Clothing for Sale

Though I haven't spoken about it much here, another of my favorite shows from the pioneering era is Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. Filmed in the 1990's, this show featured Bond girl, Jane Seymour, as a female doctor from Boston, who journeys out west to Colorado Springs to open a practice. The prejudice she receives in her early days in Colorado are similar to what she experienced in Boston. Slowly the town warms up to her, and she spends the next several years caring for the townsfolk of Colorado Springs, coping with tragedy and celebrating triumphs along the way.

Jane Seymour has an endless list of talents and is also involved in many charitable causes.

A friend of mine from the Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman forum has recently listed a few items from the Jane Seymour Signature clothing line on eBay. Most of these are new without tags. Please visit to view these items.

In addition, she is selling some books on Amazon at

Amber is a talented author in her own right. I have read several of her titles and hope to own all her books soon. You can visit her online at

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