Wednesday, January 12, 2011

By the Shores of Silver Lake Book Discussion - Evening Shadows Fall

That night the horses were comfortable in their stalls with the smoke outside the door. Ellen lay in the grass in the smoke of her smudge. Inside the house there was not one mosquito thanks to the netting on the windows and the screen door.

The family was snug for the night. Grace and Carrie were already in bed when Pa asked Laura for the fiddle. Ma sat in her chair rocking and the moonlight came in through the window and cast its glow on Pa and the fiddle.

Mary and Laura sat and listened. Laura's thoughts went to the fairy ring where the violets grow. Surely the fairies would love the moonlight of tonight. Soon the girls headed to bed with the smaller girls. As she fell asleep, Laura was still thinking of the fairies, the violets and the moonlight as Pa's fiddle played a song about there being "no place like Home".

Synopsis provided by Marilyn

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