Wednesday, January 12, 2011

By the Shores of Silver Lake Book Discussion - Mosquitoes

Pa felt that it was time to build a stable for the horses before a severe summer storm came or the colder weather. Laura helped him to build it. Ellen stayed outside though, as he felt that a cow could live just fine outside. But he wanted the horses instide.

The weather got warmer and misquitoes were coming from the Big Slough. Ma didn't like the slough and had wished that they had moved farther away from it. But Pa liked living near the slough. It was filled with good hay that no one else would homestead and it was there for the taking. He was happy to be near it to use. But something had to be done for both man and beast to fix the nasty bugs.

Pa went to the store and bought some netting and some wood. He soon had a new screen door made and hung. Ma put the netting on the windows as well to keep them out of the house at night. For the stock, Pa made a smudge in front of the barn door and another for Ellen to stand in. They were made out of damp grass that would cause a lot of smoke that the misquitoes would not fly through. They all had a more restful night.

Synopsis provided by Marilyn

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