Sunday, February 7, 2016

Happy Birthday, Laura!

Everyone's favorite pioneer girl is celebrating her 149th birthday today. Wow! How amazing is it that someone from the past has touched so many lives.

While I often share excerpts from the Little House books to celebrate, today I want to share my favorite Little House on the Prairie episodes from each season, because if Laura had never written such wonderful books, this now classic television show would never have been produced and I would never have met so many wonderful people.

Season 1 - "Christmas at Plum Creek" 

As Christmas approaches, members of the Ingalls family find themselves short on cash but full of secrets as they work hard to make the holiday special for each other.

Season 2 - "A Matter of Faith"

Caroline's decision to stay home alone while Charles takes the girls on a trip nearly proves fatal when a scratch on her leg becomes infected.

Season 3 - "Little Girl Lost"

Carrie falls down a mine shaft while tagging along with her sisters during a school assignment.

Season 4  - "Here Come the Brides"

Love is in the air when Nellie Oleson falls for pig farmer Luke Simms and Miss Beadle finds herself attracted to the boy's father.

Season 5 - "There's No Place Like Home"

After trying to live in the city of Winoka, the Ingallses, the Garveys, and the Olesons head home to Walnut Grove to rebuild the town.

Season 6 - "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not"

When Charles tells Almanzo he and Laura must wait until she turns 18 to marry, Almanzo forces Laura to decide between him and her father.

Season 7 - "Laura Ingalls Wilder"

When Almanzo's crop is destroyed by drought, he loses the land he was going to build a house on for Laura. Their wedding is postponed and their fighting threatens to end their engagement.

Season 8 - "A Christmas They Never Forgot"

The Ingalls family and Hester Sue celebrate Christmas together by sharing stories of Christmases past.

Also Season 8 - "Days of Sunshine, Days of Shadow"

Pregnant with her first child, Laura is distraught when Manly turns ill and she finds out they are deeply in debt. Things go from bad to worse when a stroke paralyzes Almanzo. His sister's visit to Walnut Grove only makes matters worse.

Season 9 - "A Child with No Name" 

Almanzo and Laura's son dies and she blames Doc Baker, which leads to the entire town turning against him.

What are some of your LHOP favorites?

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