Friday, January 17, 2014

Highway to Heaven Getting Edgy Reboot from A&E Studios and Halfire-Core Entertainment

The Hollywood Reporter has announced that A&E Studios and Halfire-Core Entertainment are working on an edgier reboot of Highway to Heaven. In this show that ran from 1984 - 1989 on NBC, Michael Landon played Jonathan Smith, an angel on probation that is sent back to earth to help people. Victor French, who worked with Landon on Little House on the Prairie, played Mark Gordon, an embittered ex-cop. After Jonathan helps to reform Mark, the former policeman becomes his right hand man. The two begin touring the country on assignments from "the Boss."

Mark Wahlberg signed on as the executive producer, and this reboot is being co-produced by Bob DeBitetto's newly launched A&E Studios and Noreen Halpern's Halfire-Core Entertainment. Also on board is Stephen Levinson's Leverage Entertainment. Wahlberg and Levinson (Boardwalk Empire), along with Halpern, Wirth and Wayne Lepoff of the Landon estate are all attached as executive producers.

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While I am excited about the thought of this reboot, I have to admit anytime I see edgier in the attached to a project, I'm concerned about the content. We'll have to wait and see how things pan out for this one.

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