Monday, November 15, 2010

By the Shores of Silver Lake Book Discussion - Where Violets Grow

Laura ran and ran and looked everywhere while calling for Grace. She felt very
guilty for not watching her baby sister during the tree planting fun that the
family had been having. Ma and Pa's voices were faint as they called for Grace
in the Big Slough. But Laura tried to think of what she would have done as a
little girl, where would she have gone to. Laura didn't think that Grace would
want to go into the high grasses or in the mud of the slough. Grace must have
come this way.

As she continued to run, her sides began to hurt from the heavy breathing. She
came to a stop and ended up at the edge of a little valley. The bank sloped down and at the bottom was
Grace among a sea of violets. Laura climbed down the bank and Grace happily showed her big sister the "sweet" blossoms. Laura gathered Grace into her arms and hugged her as she caught her breath. Then together they headed toward the house.

After leaving Grace with Mary, Laura headed to the slough to let Ma and Pa know that Grace was safe. It was past lunchtime when everyone was together again in the house. Laura described the violet area to Pa and he told her that it was an old buffalo wallow.

After their lunch, at which only Grace was hungry, Pa headed out to finish the tree planting. Ma helped Grace hold her tree as Pa planted it. Inside the house Pa put a nail into the wall and hung the wooden bracket that Ma's china shepherdess always stood on. Both the bracket and the shepherdess were as beautiful as they had been back in the Big Woods. He also put nails over the door for his rifle and a shiny new horseshoe. Laura brought the fiddle and Pa sang a beautiful song about the horseshoe.

The house was a home. It was a tight squeeze but everyone was together and they were finally on their own claim. Pa promised that rooms would be added later on. He would make a little place for a garden and spend time raising hay and cattle. It truly was a happy home.

Synopsis provided by Marilyn

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