Sunday, July 4, 2010

Prairie Tale by Melissa Gilbert -- Book Review

Melissa Gilbert shares her life in a courageous, edgy memoir. In Prairie Tale, Gilbert tells the story of her complicated life that was very different from the life of the character who made her famous as a child star, Laura Ingalls.

Talking about the loving and often tense relationship with her mother, the death of her father, her time hanging with the Brat Pack, her television career, Michael Landon, and more, Gilbert opens her heart to draw the reader into her life story. Gilbert shares how she met her biological family, dealt with feelings of being unloved because she was given up for adoption, how she buried the pain with alcohol, and eventually overcame her addiction.

Inviting readers into her roles as wife, mother, and actor, Gilbert shares her story with eloquence. Perhaps this is why the many vulgarities caught me off guard. Not because I expect her to be as wholesome as her characters, but because unlike Alison Arngrim's memoir, where the style allowed for the inclusion of some vulgarities without interrupting the flow of the prose, the cruder words in Prairie Tale, seem to be dropped into the middle of an elegant story and leave you wondering if they are placed there for effect. This took away from my overall enjoyment of the book, but I still thought Gilbert did an excellent job with how she brought the reader along her journey.

Little House on the Prairie fans and fans of Melissa Gilbert will enjoy this one, even if the language is a bit shocking.

Title: Prairie Tale
Author: Melissa Gilbert
Publisher: Simon Spotlight Entertainment
ISBN-10: 1416599142
ISBN-13: 978-1416599142
SRP: $26.00


Anonymous said...

I am the opposite of you. I thought everything Melissa said was amazing. I was able to relate on so many levels...She took me for a ride and didn't leave me off at the end of the book...I kept thinking and almost wanted to re-read it like a text book and take notes. She is an amazing woman who has gone through so much. And I love how she brings herself and presents herself so open like "HERE I AM WORLD - KNOW ME!"...I loved EVERY inch of it. I can't wait to read Melissa Sue Andersons book and Alison Angrim's book also. I am so excited to meet Alison this summer. :) Keep blogging! This is an excellent blog...

Anonymous said...

I couldn't find a place to also answer your other questions or polls. This is a great blog! - I would LOVE to read a biography from anyone on that show - LHOP - I would love to learn about Dean Butler too...And Mrs. Olson and Mr. Olson (Scottie MacGregor & Richard Bull) - Anyone! It would be amazing to read all about them...Am I nosey or what?...One thing that I didn't mention before - I am wondering and VERY concerned about Melissa's younger real life - Willie....Jonathan Gilbert...Anyone know anything???I also would like to read about Karen Grassle. I hope more people write autobiographies!! And I hope all these people are into charities and helping people like Melissa Gilbert.