Tuesday, March 23, 2010

By the Shores of Silver Lake Book Discussion - Railroad Camp

Early that next morning they were all in the wagon heading west. Grace sat between Ma and Pa on the spring seat and Carrie and Laura sat with Mary between them on a board laid across the wagon's box. They traveled without the wagon's canvas. During their journey Pa told them that Uncle Hi had finished his contract and was moving to a new camp further west and most of the men in camp had already cleared out. In a couple of day's Pa told Ma, they too would be moving on. He would find a claim for them further west.

Laura did not find much to see out loud for Mary because there was nothing to see but empty prairie. The jolt and jiggles of the wagon came up through the hard board on which they sat. The girls didn't complain but were grateful when Pa finally stopped the wagon to feed the horses and themselves some lunch.

The afternoon was longer than the morning and darkness soon overcame them. Everybody was getting tired but the jolts of the wagon didn't allow for much comfort for sleep. Finally, in the distance Pa spotted the light in one of the shanty windows. Aunt Docia and her children greeted them upon their arrival. With a little nudging from Aunt Docia, cousins Lena and Jean greeted the girls. Laura liked Lena; they were very close in age. Lena told Laura bout her two black ponies and asked her if she would like to go riding. Tired from her journey Laura was finding it hard to stay awake. Of course she would love to go riding but she would have to get that approved by Ma first. Soon they all sat down to a hot supper and that evening the men slept in the bunkhouse while Laura and Lena slept outdoors in a tent. As soon as Laura laid down on the blanket she was sound asleep.

Synopsis provided by Lorrie

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Linda said...

One day in their lovely house, the next night in a hotel, the next in a tent. I'll have to try to figure out how many miles they had travelled.