Monday, February 9, 2009

February Featured Book of the Month

Many biographers write about Laura Ingalls Wilder, but few discuss her life in its historical context as well as John E. Miller. In Becoming Laura Ingalls Wilder, Miller focuses on the Wilder's years in the Land of the Big Red Apple--Mansfield, Missouri--from 1894 to 1957.

Through the use of Wilder's unpublished biography, letters, newspaper articles, and other doumentary evidence, Miller discusses how Laura Ingalls Wilder the pioneer and farm wife became Laura Ingalls Wilder the author.

Miller discusses Laura's relationship with her daughter Rose, Laura's writing career prior to the publication of her Little House series, and her life on the farm, to build a complete picture of Laura, and shows how Laura's personal life and experiences shaped her books.

For all these reasons and more, Becoming Laura Ingalls Wilder by John E. Miller is February's Featured Book of the Month.

I own the hardcover version of this book, but a paperback version with a new cover was released in 2006.

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