Friday, January 16, 2009

And the survey says...

Life seems to have gotten away from me since planning for the holidays. Here's hoping I'll have more time to dedicate to this blog in the near future.

In November and December we asked which is your favorite Little House on the Prairie Christmas episode. A Christmas They Never Forgot barely beat out Christmas on Plum Creek to take the honors, followed closely by the Christmas scene from the Pilot.

A Christmas They Never Forgot takes place during Season 8 after the Cooper children have been adopted by Charles and Caroline. A very pregnant Laura, Almanzo, the Ingalls family, and Hester Sue plan to spend the holidays together. Hester Sue brings Mary and Adam back as a surprise and everyone is excited to see them again.

Caroline, Almanzo, Laura and Hester Sue all share Christmas stories from their past while the entire group is snowed in by a blizzard leaving the little house on Plum Creek filled to capacity and overflowing with love and the joys of the season.

Look for a new survey coming soon.

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