Friday, January 2, 2009

Alison Arngrim's trip to the UK a huge success!

Barnaby, a Little House on the Prairie fan for as long as I can remember, helped coordinate Alison's December 6th visit to the Hove Library in the UK, and also played tour host during Alison's visit. Here, Barnaby shares some of what happened during Prairie Day at the Hove Library:

"We had the theme tune playing for her arrival, and there was a big crowd of excited people, who had come from all over the UK (and America, Australia and other places too!) to see her! She read two chapters from On The Banks of Plum Creek, and read it beautifully, and did hysterical voices for Nellie and Mrs Oleson's characters! The crowd loved it, and afterwards Alison chatted away with everyone, signing autographs and posing for pictures - and then my phone rang, and ANOTHER radio station wanted to interview her live over the phone, so that was cool!

In the afternoon, we had our screening of "Bunny" with free popcorn! Alison sat at the front, giggling away at Nellie's nasty antics and that made the crowd laugh hysterically too! When Laura pushes Nellie down the hill in the wheelchair, everyone was roaring! Afterwards, Alison's Q&A was fabulous - the kids in the audience actually had the more intelligent questions, and she answered everything enthusiastically and was very down-to-earth and warm with everyone! A couple of little girls also tried on the Nellie wigs & bonnets, which was so funny!

We asked everyone to fill in Evaluation sheets, about how they enjoyed the day - everyone ticked "excllent" and in comments wrote how they want other cast members to come to Hove Library! I have to agree with them!!!!"

Sounds like they had a really great time. I'm still hoping that the cast makes its way to Malone, New York because that's probably the only site I'll ever be able to see.

Thanks goes out to Barnaby for allowing me to share this event with my readers.

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