Saturday, November 15, 2008

Little House DVDs Ban in Finland

Just when you thought you heard the craziest thing ever, comes the news that children of Finland are banned from watching Little House on the Prairie . According to this article from USA Today--and several other online articles--because NBC's Universal Pictures refused to pay astronomical amounts of money to have the series reviewed, the Little House on the Prairie DVDs will have a sticker that reads "Banned for under-18s".



Rebecca Camarena said...

Things like this still go on in this world. Truly unbelievable. Wonder if they allow kids to watch the Disney channel?

Cheryl said...

Funny, isn't it? All someone has to do is pop in one of these DVDs to see it's as G-rated as it gets.

Karen Magill said...

I have a brilliant idea. Why don't the officials in Finland watch the episodes or a least a sampling themselves? It has been a G-rated show since it began and hopefully the parents will see through this farce and buy the shows anyways.