Friday, August 15, 2008

Just a Bit of What it Took to Bring Us Little House

If you've been following my conversation with Kent McCray you might have a new appreciation of what it took to create Little House on the Prairie.

In this part of our conversation, Kent talks about a behind the scenes company that helped create this wonderful family show that continues to gain fans from around the world.

Rain for Rent

There was a company in Bakersville, California called Rain for Rent. It rented irrigation systems to the agricultural community which is in and around San Joaquin Valley. They came down to Simi Valley and put in a four-inch pipeline from the main road to the Little House set and to the town. So, we put the pipes in and had sprinklers because we needed water in the stream to run the mill, and we had to have Plum Creek along the Little House. Then we had to get mosquito fish to come in so they could eat the mosquitoes. We had a greensman on yearly salary to keep the pumps going and keep the circulation going in the streams. We had the sprinkler system on because we had that whole hill behind the Little House and we needed to have some greenery there. So, that’s what we had to do every day.

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