Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kent McCray Shares Some Little House Trivia

As my interview with Kent McCray progressed, we began talking about the wardrobe on the set and what certain actors took with them when the show was over. If you refer to my Q & A with Kent you'll be able to read more about it.

Here, Kent talks about the episodes of Little House on the Prairie where he played bit parts:

I have one scene that I was really proud of. My name is Grizzly Kowalski and I was in “Men will be Boys”, remember that, where Albert and Andy Garvey were sent on a trip to Sleepy Eye. Charles and Jonathan follow them along. The kids did fine, but the grownups get into trouble. The kids were at a campsite and I’m the one who shoos the kids away and ate all their food. You wouldn’t have recognized me, I had a big beard on and the whole thing.

Then I was in one of the shows where Laura and Nellie race the horses. I’m out in the wagon with Jack Lilley’s (one of our stunt coordinators) wife. She happened to be in town and we’re in the back of a wagon cheering Nellie on.

A week or two ago, I happened to turn on the TV and the episode, "The Race" was on. I caught Kent cheering Nellie on. It was so obviously him and I can't believe that I never noticed before.

Look for more of my interview with Kent McCray coming soon.

Synopsis of Episode 98. Men Will Be Boys*

Jonathan and Charles allow their boys to prove their manhood by allowing them to take a trip to Sleepy Eye by themselves. Jonathan and Charles secretly follow the boys. The boys end up making the trip with no problems at all. However, the fathers get into some embarrassing situations following their boys.

b: 13-Nov-1978 w: Don Balluck d: William F. Claxton

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